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James is a graduate of the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History where he received a BFA with Honors in Photography, Graphic Design and Video.  He went on to drop out of his MFA program at The California Institute of the Arts, Cal Arts, to apprentice a car photographer & Harley Davidson rider named Michael Ruppert. After longing for seasons again he left Hollywood and sold his Nissan Sentra. He moved to Manhattan where he assisted more world class still life photographers such as Richard Pierce, Carlton Davis, and Gentl + Hyers. His first published photographs were in Esquire, NY Magazine, Time, Rolling StoneDepartures and George Magazine (remember that one?!). After 22 years in business and 6 Manhattan studios, James now calls New Jersey home.  With a home studio built in his 3 car garage he is truly, mobile shooting everywhere from NYC to Yonkers to Stone Harbor.  James thrives on collaboration and versatility, he can and does shoot everything from cosmetics for Clinique to food for NJ Monthly.  Thank You!

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